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Young people in parliaments

2.82 under 30 y/o
18.53 under 40 y/o

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Did you know that in Norway everyone older than 15 is criminally liable?

Majority Age

18 years

Voting Age

18 years

Criminal Responsibility

15 years

Source: Inter-Parliamentary Union

Youth-led research

Youth-led research is a term to describe participatory research processes and projects that young people design, carry out, interpret and disseminate themselves. It allows young people to take the lead and decide what data to collect and how to analyse and interpret that data.

Youth-led research does not yet have an agreed definition, but it has some key features: it is characterised by participatory research processes, that means young people design, carry out, analyse, interpret and disseminate the research themselves.

Youth-led research draws on a variety of research methods, but does not follow one specific approach or mindset. It rather embraces the freedom to experiment, based on the curiosity and research interests of young people.


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